Executive Board

Zachary Grguras, President

The president shall preside at all meetings of an active chapter, and perform all duties expected of the president of a parliamentary body and organization. The president shall oversee the general operation of the chapter and the performance of his fellow officers and shall serve as a representative of and spokesman for his chapter. The president shall ensure that the chapter is at all times in compliance with the requirements of the Risk Management, Standards, and Insurance Manual of Theta Chi Fraternity and that the health and safety of members, New Members and visitors at chapter functions is safeguarded to the maximum extent possible.

Email: zjg8144@rit.edu

Joe Mantione, Vice President

The vice president shall officiate in the absence of the president with the same powers and privileges as the president. The vice president shall oversee the internal operations of the chapter, 17 supervise all committees and committee chairmen, and assist the president in carrying out his duties and responsibilities.

Email: jtm2043@rit.edu

Aditya Saksena, Vice President of Health & Safety

The vice president of health and safety shall implement programming and practices within the chapter designed to promote the health and safety of members, new members, and visitors.

Email: avs6181@rit.edu

Anthony Palumbo, Secretary

The secretary shall keep an accurate, complete and impartial record of the meetings and proceedings of the chapter, and shall have custody of these Bylaws, chapter Bylaws, meeting minutes, member records, and other records of the chapter, except for those pertaining to the treasurer or any other officer as specifically provided. Except as otherwise provided, he shall process and respond to all correspondence from the Executive Director, any member of the International Headquarters staff, the Grand Chapter, any Counselor, any alumnus member and any other active chapter.

Email: ajp1925@rit.edu

Dylan Hahn, Treasurer

The treasurer shall collect all fees, dues, assessments and fines. He shall collect all New Member registration and initiation fees for the secretary. He shall be responsible for establishing and following a budget for each school year.

Email: dxh8633@rit.edu

James Hahn, Marshal

The marshal shall be responsible for the education of New Members of the chapter. His responsibilities shall include development of the educational program and conduct of the entire educational process, and shall continue until the New Members have been properly prepared for initiation. He shall at all times serve as an example for New Members and members to follow, and shall make certain that no hazing practices are allowed to take place in the educational program or otherwise, or tolerated under any circumstances. He shall make certain that every New Member is assigned an undergraduate member as a big brother or other mentor to assist him in learning about the Fraternity.

Email: jwh5296@rit.edu

Shawn Cool, Chaplain

Email: smc5061@rit.edu

Jesse Cutler, Events Coordinator

The Events Coordinator shall organize all major events for his term. He shall be the primary contact between the Chapter and Campus Administrators / Officials, vendors, external organizations, etc. relating to the events. 

Email: jmc4687@rit.edu

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Chair Positions

Meet Patel, Historian

The historian shall maintain written and photographic records of chapter activities, events, occurrences, awards, achievements and honors. He shall keep a permanent record of all undergraduate and alumnus members and shall inform the International Headquarters of address changes for such members on a regular basis. He shall seek to obtain, collect and preserve all historical and archival items and materials and keep these in suitable containers or display areas.

Email: msp2248@rit.edu

Joseph Tanner, Philanthropy Chairman

The Philanthropy Chairman shall schedule service activities for the fraternity to partake in.  He shall maintain relations with the contact person for our declared philanthropic organizations.  He is in charge of organizing events in which funds will be raised to donate to our declared philanthropic organizations.

Email: jjt2818@rit.edu

Chad Scorse, Recruitment Chairman

The recruitment chairman shall conduct the recruitment and bid process, document all relevant actions and activities.

Email: cds8636@rit.edu

Alexander Shetler, Scholarship Chairman

The scholarship chairman shall design and implement programs to promote, encourage and recognize high academic achievement by members and new members, and shall monitor and report on the chapter’s scholarship standing from time to time. He shall be responsible for assisting any member or new member in obtaining appropriate tutoring or other study assistance.

Email: aws5981@rit.edu

Connor Rollins, Brotherhood Chairman

The Brotherhood Chairman shall plan and coordinate brotherhood activities for members. The brotherhood chairman shall organize events in which only brothers can attend/participate.  These shall be structured to grow fraternal bonds among members, emphasizing teamwork and connections.

Email: cmr3281@rit.edu

Michael Healey, Social Chairman

The Social Chairman shall coordinate social events with other on campus organizations (i.e. fraternities/sororities/clubs/varsity teams).  The chairman create a social calendar for each semester, in line with the interests of the fraternity as a whole.

Email: mph3684@rit.edu

Elijah Harper, First Guard

The first guard shall be custodian of the chapter meeting room. He shall guard the door during meetings and admit no one but members of the Fraternity. He shall also assist the chaplain.

Email: exw2396@rit.edu

Ademide Osunsina, Second Guard

The second guard shall assist the first guard in the discharge of his duties.

Email: sao9945@rit.edu

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